Expert Bumper Repair

expert bumper repair

When you’re in an accident, whether it’s minor or serious, your bumper is your car’s first line of defense. Bumpers are typically the first piece of your vehicle that feels the impact of a collision, and are responsible for absorbing quite a bit of force in an accident. Because of this, it’s important to keep your bumpers strong and intact, so they can do their job of preserving the structure of your vehicle. 

Here at DeSantis Collision Center, our highly trained techs have the skills and experience it takes to keep your car’s bumper in tip-top shape. Our team is well versed in expert plastic bumper repair, so you can trust us to get the job done right, giving you back the solid, reliable bumper that you had prior to your collision. 

When you’ve suffered bumper damage in a recent accident, don’t ignore the problem and leave your car susceptible to additional damage. Come to our shop and let us restore your bumper to its former glory.

Expert Bumper Repair Process

Here at DeSantis Collision Center, we take our time to fully inspect your vehicle and perform the proper repairs for your individual needs. Our team is thorough and meticulous, giving your car the expert workmanship and attention to detail that it deserves. Each bumper is restored and reconditioned, erasing the damage that resulted from your accident. With our innovative tools and repair techniques, we can safely and permanently take care of things like:

  • Large dents
  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Small indentations
  • Scrapes
  • Warping

Most plastic bumpers can be salvaged and repaired, including bumper covers, saving you precious time and money, and allowing the original aesthetic to remain intact. Additionally, preserving your original bumper makes the re-painting and blending process much more smooth and accurate. Many body shops these days will simply throw away a damaged bumper and charge you to install a new one. Not only does this cost you more money, but it creates more waste and often has mixed cosmetic results.

Whether your vehicle’s bumper is a thermoset or thermoplastic type, or made of rigid or semi-rigid plastic, you can count on DeSantis Collision Center to repair it with precision. We don’t cut corners or try to sell you something you don’t need. Instead, we’re committed to doing the finest work in the industry, while keeping the integrity of your vehicle intact. Proper bumper repair takes patience, experience, and a careful hand, so don’t go to just any neighborhood body shop to have it done! 

If you’ve been in a recent accident and your bumper is damaged, come down to our shop and we’ll make it look brand new again. Our team of technicians has the latest tools and technology for plastic bumper repair, and we stand by our work with a lifetime guarantee. We aim for complete satisfaction for all of our customers, regardless of their vehicle, and we’ll go the extra mile to give you the results you want. Reach out to us today to learn more!